Solutions We Provide Oil and Gas Services


Our teams bring multi-service solutions to oil and gas producers from source to destination. Savage supports all three operational components of the oil and gas industry — upstream, midstream and downstream.

Upstream – We provide recovery and production services directly to well sites. We use rail and special truck fleets to transport water, sand and tubulars to the sites. Our proprietary information technology manages the disposal of site production water in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our innovative waste water disposal operation in Vernal, Utah has helped one of our oil producing customers cut daily truck shifts in half, reduce man hours in ticketing and invoicing by 92% and decrease waste water hauling costs by 20%.

Midstream – Our terminal teams process, store and transport product to refineries by truck, rail and barge. We engineer a faster way to meet capacity and demand. The Savage Bakken Petroleum Services Hub in Trenton, North Dakota helps meet the ever-increasing volume of oil production in the Bakken formation. The Savage Bakken Connector, Inc. crude oil pipeline in Williams County, North Dakota will connect our hub to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Click here to view tariffs for the Savage Bakken Connector pipeline.

Downstream – Our teams provide refineries with operations and maintenance services for truck, rail, barge and ship transportation, and transloading services.