Solutions We Provide Terminal Operations


Terminals can be a vital link in your supply chain. But they can also be a place where your products get lost or stuck — they go in but you can’t seem to get them out. Not at Savage. We own or manage over 55 terminals, handling products ranging from coal to complex chemicals — efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Examples of Our Operations

  • We operate more than 40 transloading facilities throughout North America. These include terminals owned by TRANSFLO, a subsidiary of CSX Railroad and UPDS, a subsidiary of the Union Pacific Railroad. Download our Transloading Brochure [PDF].
  • One of our coal terminals, located in central Utah, receives and stockpiles coal from multiple mines and loads it into unit trains and trucks. Our teams manage our customers’ inventories, provide blending and other services, and coordinate their rail logistics. This site handles more than 5 million tons of coal and ships more than 500 unit trains per year.
  • We operate the facilities of Gulf Sulphur Services (GSS) in Texas, Florida, Illinois and Louisiana. We receive, store, and transport in excess of 1 million tons of sulphur annually. Our services for GSS include sulphur collection using barges, trucks and railcars; forming (prilling) and heating; liquid and solid storage; and transporting of sulphur across the Gulf of Mexico aboard the Sulphur Enterprise.