The Savage System We Deliver Results

The design of a supply chain solution is only as good as its ability to deliver on your expectations.


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The S7 Delivery system is a roadmap, with standards, metrics and tools that focus our team on understanding and meeting your expectations and continuously improving our operational performance:

Savage S7 Delivery System

  • Customer
    Our customers should expect worry-free service.
  • Employees
    Our people are hired right, trained right and treated right — and that is reflected in the way they perform.
  • Safety, Health and the Environment
    Our work is performed responsibly — with respect for safety, health and the environment.
  • Planning and Productivity
    We plan, organize and operate to effectively leverage the talents of our people to most efficiently utilize equipment.
  • Asset Management and Maintenance
    We systematically manage and maintain your equipment and facilities and ours.
  • Professionalism
    Our people, facilities and equipment demonstrate a professional attitude and appearance.
  • Performance
    We track and report on our performance for you on a real time basis.

These focus areas cover standards, key performance indicators and measurements, that enable each operation to serve you with a time-tested and proven service template for delivering outstanding quality and reliability, in a profitable and sustainable environment.