Energy Power Generation

Utilities can’t afford service interruptions, especially in an environment where capacity factors are increasingly important. Consistent and reliable delivery of fuel and removal of combustion byproducts are examples of the kinds of critical services Savage provides to help utilities meet capacity factor goals. Our work— ranging from plant operations & maintenance to train piloting and disposal of byproducts — ensures our customers’ efficient and productive operations.

  • Supply Chain Solutions

    Savage supports the power generation supply chain at virtually every handoff. We apply our experience from working with our customers across many different industries, to find new ways to bring value to multiple links in the chain. We are committed to delivering these services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Here’s a look at how Savage is serving our power generation customers.

  • Fuel Logistics

    We coordinate the dispatch, pickup, transportation and delivery of fuel to keep the plant running with no interruptions.

  • Truck/Train Transport

    Each year we move millions of tons of material by truck and rail. We have experience with a large network of terminals, and maintain a fleet of late model trucks to maximize fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs.

  • Piloting/Switching

    As shipments approach the plant, Savage manages railcar piloting, switching and placement, working within the demurrage window. Our services include arrival inspections and setup, car placement, removal of bad order cars, pre-release and pre-departure inspections.

  • Rail Services

    We provide a wide array of services for rail transportation and management, including track inspections and maintenance, rail car inspections and repair, and locomotive fueling and servicing.

  • Unloading/Receiving

    No matter the type of container; rail cars, ocean vessels, trucks, conveyors, or other transport modes, we have the experience to safely and efficiently off-load and store the fuel. We can also provide mobile equipment as needed.

  • Maintenance Management

    Our onsite team can operate and maintain all aspects of your fuel, CCB and sorbent handling systems. From dust control to settling pond maintenance. From predictive and preventative plant maintenance to asset repair and management. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.

  • Material Management

    Our team knows how to handle PRB (sub- bituminous) coals, fly and bottom ash, limestone and lime, as well as any other power plant related materials. We manage the hazards and sizing considerations associated with material storage, including bunker filling and management.

  • Boiler Operation

    As the power generator burns fuel and creates energy, Savage can handle the maintenance, cleaning, and repair of the facilities surrounding the boiler including mill cleaning, hot silo management, cooling tower and ash hopper maintenance. We also have expertise in fuel blending for environmental considerations.

  • Transmission

    Your customers demand consistent delivery of power to their homes and businesses. We know that the services we provide have to ensure that this delivery will be uninterrupted and as cost-efficient as possible.

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