Nothing Trumps Safety at Savage!


Safety is woven into the fabric of the Savage culture. Our CEO identifies himself as our “Chief Safety Officer” and is a passionate advocate for safety. The commitment of our leadership team helps drive our overall safety philosophy and culture.

We believe that safety is the responsibility of every Team Member. Our full-time safety professionals, along with their support personnel, serve as resources to our Team Leaders and Team Members regarding the technical requirements of OSHA, MSHA, FRA, DOT and other government agencies. These dedicated safety professionals are located around the country and serve all the business groups within the Business Units.

All of our team members have a responsibility for safety. Much of that involvement comes from our Safety Specialist program, where employees from every operation are selected to attend a training session to prepare them to be safety leaders. We currently have more than 750 active Safety Specialists and 150 active Lead Safety Specialists.

At Savage, safety is centered around our Savage Hazard Analysis and Prevention System (SHAPS), which we developed to proactively identify and address safety concerns before an incident occurs.

In recognition of our commitment to safety, Savage was named as one of America’s Safest Companies in 2011. Read the Press Release.

Safety is more than a program or a process — it’s part of our DNA.


Commitment to the Environment

Savage is committed to protecting the environment and local communities through compliance with applicable laws, designing and operating our businesses to minimize their impact on the environment, reducing current environmental and community impacts, and participating in community forums and programs that promote and enhance protection of our natural resources. It is the intent of Savage to help preserve our environment and communities for future generations.

Environmental stewardship and protection of the environment are, and must be, integral parts of every Savage operation. It is incumbent on all of our Team Members to perform their responsibilities in ways that support our commitment to environmental protection and stewardship.

Savage Marine Management Company Safety & Environmental Protection Policy